Report a Friend.

Emotional pain reveals itself through dangerous, deviant patterns. Outlandishly dyed hair, unconventional dress, and rebellious behavior are all cries for help. Holbrook Academy is here to answer those cries with open arms.

If you have a friend who does not conform and might be the Harbinger is a good candidate for Holbrook Academy, please use this form to report them.

Note, once an email address has been submitted, you will not be able to report that person again. Holbrook values privacy above all else and will not store or share email addresses.

Subject:You Have Been Reported To Holbrook Academy

Add a message to your friend below, explaining why you've reported them.

This text will be added to the email we send to your friend.Dear Subversive Friend's Name,

Your friend, Your Name Here, has reported you to Holbrook Academy. Your friend cares about you and is concerned that you might be the Harbinger about your subversive behavior. Holbrook cares about you too.

Riots, oil scarcities, the Peak War, and food rations. Growing up is never easy... but it's never been this hard. Sometimes you just need a refuge. In the peace of the Maine woods, we can lead you back to society, show you how to assimilate, and nurture appropriate behavior. Because at Holbrook Academy... we walk the path together.

We look forward to seeing you this Spring!
Dr. Mordoch

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Know someone who should be enrolled in Holbrook Academy? Report a friend.

You can also follow our esteemed headmistress Dr. Mordoch on Twitter: @holbrookacademy

To learn more about Holbrook Academy, be sure to read Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne, Putnam/Penguin. Coming out 02.02.2012

We want to make sure that this tool is not abused by delinquents and subversives. Please verify your humanity with the captcha method below before submitting your report.

At Holbrook Academy... we walk the path, together.