Campus and Facilities.

Holbrook Academy is one of the last wooded places in America. Among the dense pines and the stately Holbrook Family dwellings, you can feel the weight of history. Here, you can be rooted in the past, while looking to the future. Once home to a monastery, the aura of seclusion and silence permeates everything we do at Holbrook Academy. From our meal time to our teaching philosophy to our campus.

Every action has its Consequence... that is our philosophy at Holbrook Academy. There is no better way to learn this than through the day-to-day moments of real life. In the forests of Holbrook, you see that trees are not merely fuel to be burned, but a source of tranquility. The isolated and pristine landscape gives you a blank slate on which you can rewrite your life. Even the structured schedule of the Academy reflects the steady and inevitable ocean tides. Come walk the path.

At Holbrook Academy... we walk the path, together.